Discover the freedom of the open road with the Carado V132 Pro (Auto), a compact, automatic motorhome that offers exceptional comfort and convenience, perfect for couples or solo adventurers.


The Carado V132 Pro (Auto) is a testament to the perfect blend of style, efficiency, and comfort in a compact motorhome. Designed for those who yearn for adventure without compromising on luxury, this automatic model is a dream to drive and easy to handle, making it a fantastic choice for both new and experienced motorhome users.


Step inside and be greeted by a surprisingly spacious interior, thanks to the intelligent design that optimizes every corner. The living area is cozy and adaptable, serving as a comfortable lounge during the day and converting into a snug dining space when needed. Large windows not only bathe the interior in natural light but also provide stunning views of your ever-changing scenery.


Sleeping comfort is a priority in the Carado V132 Pro, with a well-appointed rear bed promising restful nights after a day of exploration. The compact kitchen area is a marvel of efficiency, equipped with high-quality appliances that make cooking both simple and enjoyable, regardless of the size.


The bathroom offers all the necessities – a shower, toilet, and sink – in a compact yet comfortable space. Thoughtful storage solutions are found throughout the motorhome, allowing you to neatly stow away your belongings, keeping the living space uncluttered and serene.


With superior insulation and heating systems, the Carado V132 Pro is an all-season companion, ready to take you comfortably on adventures whether in the peak of summer or the depths of winter. The integrated entertainment system ensures that you’re always connected and entertained, no matter your destination.


Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the optional add-ons like a bike rack and awning, making it easier to enjoy your favorite activities while on the road. The vehicle’s modest size not only enhances drivability but also ensures greater access to a wider range of locations, from secluded natural spots to bustling urban centers.


In essence, the Carado V132 Pro (Auto) is a compact motorhome that doesn’t compromise on luxury and functionality. It’s an ideal choice for individuals or couples looking for a practical, comfortable, and stylish way to travel and explore.


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